Gert-Jan van de Kamp (1962) was born and raised in Veghel, The Netherlands. He loved to draw from an early age.

In the beginning of 2000, he started working more intensively with this by taking various painting classes. In the meantime he has also successfully completed the art painting course at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgium.

In daily life, Gert-Jan works as an industrial engineer at a printer manufacturer in the Netherlands. According to him, painting is a nice balance with the technical and exact work he is doing during the day. During painting his attention is on the canvas, the paint and the brushes to create a new work. This works relaxing for him and gives him energy. Stopping is often very difficult.

His pieces are very diverse, from abstract to very realistic. He does not want to pin himself to one style or one type of material. It is too interesting to try everything.

However, a large part of his work consists of portraits of men, women and children. His male portraits depict tough men or older men marked by time. The female portraits, from various cultures, often have something melancholic but also something serene. His child portraits are sometimes with a moving story.

His work was shown during various exhibitions in the Netherlands and abroad. Currently you can find his work in Gallery ‘The Art Chamber’ in Oud-Turnhout (Belgium) and Gallery 27 in Veghel (The Netherlands).

Due to the fact that he is painting, he looks at the works of other artists with a different eye. He has great admiration for painters from various periods, but the painters of the Golden Age are still favorites, with Rembrandt as the absolute top.